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Training as a Service.

With the changes taking place in today’s technological world, keeping up can be a little challenging without the proper tools and support. Sparta’s training as a Service keeps employees up-to-date and productive with all the new innovations. TaaS include:

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Online Instructor-led (End-User) Trainings

Access to customizable trainings led by a Microsoft 365 trainer. Open the door for employees that learn by seeing. This gives them a chance to ask their questions and follow along with the demonstration.

Self-Service Learning Pathways

Access to a customized learning path for current employees that are solitary learners or for future employees. The learning pathways can be a mixture of Microsoft tools and other tools used in your organization.

Self-Service Learning Pathway will include training recordings, Short ‘How to’ Videos, One-pagers, and resource guides. (Assessments are optional)

Open Office hours

Provide open times for your employees to be able to get answers to their questions regarding Microsoft Product utilization from a Microsoft expert.

Train the Trainer

Have a Microsoft Trainer provide training to a small group of Champions in your organization to gain the knowledge to train the rest of the staff. This is very helpful during a new tool implementation or during onboarding of a team member.

Incorporation to a digital platform

Have a centralized place for your team to find all their training material? We will work with your learning digital platform, or we can help you get one to house all your training needs.

Access to Customer Success Team

Get access to a Customer Success Manager and Trainer to help you in your journey to increase productivity in your organization.

Training as a service commitment

Not ready to commit to a specific Training as a service, you can contact us for more information. Our team will answer your questions and help you find the best fit for your organizations learning goals.