The benefits to Microsoft Teams Phone system.

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Improved flexibility for remote or hybrid workers

Make it easier for your employees to get work done, regardless of where they log in.

All your communication technologies on one simple monthly bill

Stop spending hours every month deciphering different bills. Centralize your VoIP phone service into one manageable monthly invoice with consolidated billing.

Improved security for your communication infrastructure

When your communication systems are too complex or inscrutable, employees will work around them. This exposes your organization to risk and creates gaps where cyber criminals can penetrate.

Better options for customer service

Microsoft’s robust infrastructure makes it simple to offer customers more options for service on their terms.

Communication solutions and infrastructure that scales with you

When you’ve purchased a set number of phones or lines, it can be challenging to scale up quickly if you enter a period of rapid growth. Microsoft’s license structure makes it easy to add or subtract lines whenever necessary

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Corporate devices can be costly, and employees prefer to use their own device personally and professionally. With Microsoft Teams Voice native integration, companies can securely empower employees to bring their own device with a mobile-first experience while still offering enterprise-grade communication and security.