Exploring the
Sparta Services business intelligence process.

Any organization, regardless of industry or size, can benefit from developing a meaningful business analytics strategy.

Our approach is always customized to your organization and takes advantage of our suite of best-of-breed software and tools. Here’s what you can expect from our process.

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Analysis of your objectives

Before we begin, we need to know what your team hopes to
gain from this process. We’ll sit down, understand your requirements, add our expertise to a final solution to ensure all parties are aligned.

Solution design

Once we’re clear on your objectives, we can use our expertise
to begin the solution design. We’ll take a deep dive into where your data is stored, how it is organized and what are the long-term needs of the organization. Based on this we’ll suggest what the best data best data warehouse architecture will be to ensure performance and scale.

Incorporation of your data sources

Our service-level agreements are simple and easy to follow,
ensuring that any urgent request receives immediate assistance
every time.

System architecture development

In this step, we develop the logical and physical architecture for your data analytics program. This allows us to create dashboards and visualization interfaces that can help you better understand the insights your data offers.

Integration into your business

Without disrupting your operations, we carefully integrate your
new business intelligence solution into your company environment
so it can be fully utilized.

Testing and improvements

Once your data analytics solution has been deployed, we don’t just walk away. We carefully monitor it to ensure ongoing functionality, data continuity, and utility. Using these insights, we make improvements and dial in your solution until it offers everything you need.